Dr. Hodges and Team

Read how Dr. Hodges and her team of bariatric and wellness professionals have changed the lives of people just like you. These patients have their health, independence and a better future to look forward to. Call 214-838-7171 or email info@charlottehodgesmd.com to find out how Dr. Hodges can change your life today.

Christina C. - 2018 Gastric Bypass

I would not have wanted to go through this with any other Dr. besides Dr. Hodges and her team. They were always there for me before and after when I had questions and concerns. It’s been an amazing journey and they are still there answering my questions and reassuring me.

Christina C. - 2018 Gastric Bypass

Jeff B. - April 2017

It is 2017 and Dr. Hodges performed my surgery back in 2012. I must tell you she is a wonderful person behind the profession. My wife is considering the surgery and we would not consider anyone else but Dr. Hodges. The surgery is life changing and I am grateful to have had the best surgeon working on me.

Anonymous Patient - September 2017

Dr. Hodges was one of three surgeons that performed a very difficult gastric bypass on me four years ago. In addition to being sixty with a myriad of health problems including insulin-dependent diabetes and morbidly obese, the surgery was complicated by the fact, unbeknownst to everyone involved, my gallbladder had been leaking for months and was dead and necrotic. Of the three surgeons involved, she was the one who chose to stay the extra hours it took me to wake up after an exceedingly long surgery. Given the dead and infected gallbladder and my allergy to most antibiotics, post-surgery infection was a real possibility. Dr. Hodges prescribed a variety of antibiotics and there was never even a hint of infection. Four years later I have gone from 375 lbs. leveled off at 215 lbs. I went from 240 units of insulin per day to occasionally using 5 units 2 or 3 times a week! I had been on beta blockers and ace inhibitors for high blood pressure - but no more. Dr. Hodges is warm, personable and knowledgeable. Most of all, she communicates well and takes the time to answer questions. When I have seen her post-operatively, I never come away with that - I am rushed feeling. A rare but resounding attribute among today's medical doctors.

Dana J. - August 2016

Dr. Hodges is wonderful. She listens to you and takes the time YOU need. Wish she was my G.P.

William H. - June 2016

Dr. Hodges performed my surgery in November of 2014 and I have lost over 110lbs so far. She is an amazing surgeon and is with you every step of the way.

Amber Y. - June 2016

Dr. Hodges performed my RNY 18 months ago. I've lost 157 pounds! Such a life-saving decision. Dr. Hodges and Dr. Brewer were great to work with!!

Pam F. - April 2016

Dr. Hodges performed gastric bypass on me in 2013. It was a life changing experience for me and I have no trouble maintaining my weight. All I can say it that she is wonderful!

Twyquania B. - April 2016

Dr. Hodges took very good care of me. I have never felt so comfortable and assured with a doctor the way I felt with Dr. Hodges. Thank you so much for taking care of me.

Karonda C. - March 2016

I had my surgery 03-22-2015. I've lost a total of 150 pounds. I feel great and look hot thanks to Dr. Hodges. My life has changed I have gotten a tattoo that says new beginning's with my surgery date.

Dawn F. - March 2016

I had the gastric sleeve procedure on 2/16/16. Dr. Hodges went above and beyond to calm my nerves, knowing how nervous I was prior to surgery, and the day of my surgery. She is patient, caring, knowledgeable and had a wonderful bedside manner. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hodges to anyone considering any procedure at New You. My experience couldn't have been better. Thank you Dr. Hodges, and Staff for changing my life for the better.

Anonymous Patient - January 2016

Dr. Hodges took her time discussing the surgical procedure with us.

Sandi B. - July 2015

Dr. Hodges is great. She listened to me and was very understanding. I had revision surgery from a lap band to a bypass. Best decision I ever made. The communication from the office was good and everyone is super friendly. I am 10 months out and have lost 80 lbs. Thank you Dr. Hodges for changing my life.

Sherri W. - September 2014

Dr. Hodges did my surgery May 2014. I am 66 lbs. lighter and feel wonderful.