Surgical Weight Loss

Did you know that there are more and more patients seeking bariatric surgery for more than just weight loss?

Across the board, bariatric surgery has been found to decrease or eliminate, in some cases, some of our most common health problems. For patients undergoing bariatric surgery:

As surgeries become more complex, patients will not only lose more weight but will experience a greater improvement in their health problems. For example, there is a well published study comparing gastric bypass to sleeve gastrectomy for control of diabetes. A bypass (which is more complex than a sleeve) has been shown to be more effective at controlling diabetes and patients going into remission compared to a sleeve gastrectomy.

Risk Factors

Prior to your surgery, patients undergo an exercise stress test. Don't worry, we use a bike not a treadmill! This helps our patients with bad joints or backs. With any surgery there are surgical risks, the surgical risk IS THE SAME for all of the bariatric surgeries performed by Dr. Hodges. For patients undergoing bariatric surgery, there is: